Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Introduction of Life Brigman

This blog is intended to answer the question we get from time to time (yes, primarily from our mothers) "what have you been up to". We'll be the first to acknowledge that most of the time we're up to a whole lot of not much, but Lindsay has always loved to take not much and turn it into what she believes to be a story of suspense and hilarity while PB appreciates a good written record of our goings on so he can remember it beyond the next day. We hope that a sneak peek into our lives will provide you some mindless distraction every so often, but we entirely appreciate that in all likelihood only (Lindsay's) mother will read this with any regularity.

We apologize in advance for the following:

1. An absolute deplorable show of grammar and spelling for two people who have over 11 years of University between them.

2. A ridiculous amount of gratuitous pet shots. They're adorable. We know it. You know it. Deal with it. While we're at it - we also personify our pets. Just go with it.

3. Regular posts that could be interpreted as rants. Its our blog. We (Lindsay) will rant all she wants.

4. Blog absenteeism. In absence of regular blog posts, presume that our lives have become so boring Lindsay can't even spin a tale from them and we're drowning our boredom in homemade wine.

5. Made up words. It happens and trust that PB has already informed Lindsay that no such word exists but we're leaving it up there for your enjoyment.

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