Friday, March 9, 2012

What We Want: Farming Preparations and Pursuit of Passions

Close your eyes.  Imagine money was no object.  Not in a you just won the lotto and you're running off to the Maldives way but more in some sort of post apocalyptic/communist world where people worked for reasons other than money way.  Just go with it.  Imagine.  What would you do?

PB without hesitation says he would mow lawns at a golf course.  That nothing would make him happier than grooming perfect greens and fairways.   (Side note - if he won the lotto he'd buy a ski hill just so he could drive the grooming machine...and he tries to argue he's not OCD). 

At this point in the imagination exercise PB interjects to say he would mow lawns for a living now if I'd let him.  That's another discussion for another time. 

I would farm.  (Side note - if we were talking a lotto win my farm would be for rescued animals ranging from cats to cattle).  Does that surprise you? Here's something else that might surprise you - in grade seven, when you have to fill out those personality surveys to determine what you should be when you grow up - mine came back farmer.  To which my friends and family and I found hilarity.  Imagine, Lindsay...farming.  hahahahaha.

No seriously, I want to farm.

At this point in the imagination exercise PB usually asks for reassurance that this is indeed just an exercise and this isn't my way of saying that I'm quitting my job. 

Specifically, I'd grow organic produce and have an apple orchard, and probably grow some grapes...because why not, and when I wasn't busy sowing seeds and what not - I'd make organic vegan energy bars and sell them at the local farmers market.  Maybe I'd even make and sell some herb jellies.  Who knows.  I just know its going to be it would be awesome.

I like to think this exercise is a good one to determine what really makes you happy and what you're passionate about.  And since PB already has a big two acre lawn to mow every week, (and to be fair, I never see him more at peace than when he's cruising around on the mower, shirtless with his shorts rolled up to avoid tan lines) I need to put my presumed but yet to be truly tested love of gardening into effect.

The last few summers I've grown tomatoes and peppers, kale and lettuce and an assortment of herbs in planters on our deck.  Obviously that limits me.  So this year I'm expanding.    Based on articles like this, I'm thinking of going the route of raised beds. 

Given that we live on two acres, one would think I'd have plenty of space.  But unfortunately, PB has ruled out any spot where he feels he's got the grass looking decent, and we've ruled out the path that the dogs usually chase the ball when we throw it from the deck (sometimes we prefer to play fetch with a drink in our hands....while sitting down...judge away).  That leaves me a whole lot of shady places that will be no good.  So I'm thinking if I did raised beds, I could at least prevent the dogs from running right through the centre of them...maybe.   Obviously it won't keep the cats out, but menh, what's a little extra fertilizer.

So that's how I'm pursuing my passion.  I'll keep you posted.  Now go have a glass of wine and imagine what you would do.

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