Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What We Did: Joint Shopping and Self Awareness

PB and I rarely if ever shop together.  I say it's because he never lets me actually purchase anything, he says it's because I'm critical of everything he likes.  Whatever.  Point being - we rarely shop together but last weekend before the movies we had an hour to kill so decided to wander the mall.

While my back was turned, PB went off in hunt of new swim shorts for our upcoming holiday.  These are what I discovered him admiring.

Maybe these weren't the exact ones.  I just know there was neon and possibly flames, and I gasped and looked away in horror.  After which PB demanded to know what was wrong with them.  I replied that they weren't the type of shorts people like us wear.  He asked why.  I explained that we didn't live in New Jersey and we didn't do body shots off strangers at parties. Before PB had the chance to question why we didn't do that...I left the store.

Following that near shopping disaster, we headed over to Gap so I could check on a few things.  While there I pointed out a few excellent outfit options to him.  He considered these for a moment, and turned to me and asked "they're a bit preppy aren't they?"  I considered this for a second and then asked him, delicately, "have you met us?"

No purchases were made that evening, even though we both eyed up some sweatpants.  The Brigmans love their sweatpants.  Mmmmmmm...fleece.

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