Tuesday, March 13, 2012

What We Think - Put The Cell Phone Down.

I just read this great article about the anti-social behavior that cell phones generate.  I couldn't agree more.  I also fully realize this post will offend every one of my six readers (except my mum...who will agree)

Its become a HUGE pet peeve of mine.  HUGE.  And trust that I'm not singling any one person out here...no...every friend and family member (Mum and Dad excluded - the cell phone is still a bit foreign to them) that I have seen over the last three years has done this to me.  It especially annoys me because in most cases, its the first time I've seen this friend in oh...months if not years.  What is this horrendous behavior?

They spend at least 1/3 of the time they're spending with me on their phone distracted by:

a) texting another friend
b) responding to a facebook message...from another friend
c) googling useless shit on their phone (yes..be honest..its useless or its cheating if you're playing drinking games)
d) checking to make sure they don't have any messages from other friends
e) updating facebook statuses

Its become almost automatic now - you greet your friend at the restaurant or bar, sit down at the table, remove your phone from your purse or pocket and sit it beside your elbow...JUST IN CASE...something highly important happens in your life.   Ummmm...I've even seen people arrive at my house, leave their purse and coat at the door...but carry their cell phone with them.

Maybe its because nothing important ever happens in my life.  Maybe its because I don't have that many friends.  Maybe its because I'm so excited to have actual face to face interaction with another human but I never think to even take my phone out except in one circumstance - when I'm left alone at that table. Right? That is one of the only acceptable times.  Your friends go to the washroom, instead of sitting there analysing the drink menu, now you can scroll facebook to see if anyone is doing anything more interesting than you.   Also, that's a fabulous and acceptable time to update your status to let everyone know how interesting your life is.  (I'm not being facetious - for reals - I only do anything interesting about six times a year so hell yeah I'm going to post it!)  Its also acceptable to have mutual cell phone time if you're together an extended period of time.  Like you're spending the weekend together and its the morning after a night out and you mutually decided that neither of you can be arsed speaking out loud so lets just both sit on different couches and catch up on pinterest.  Right ? Totally acceptable.

Does it offend me when you text other friends in front of me when we're out for dinner? Nah, I'm not easily offended, but does it irritate the shit out of me? Yup, sure does. Its right up there with listening to co-worker's medical problems. 

I'm going to call myself out on it even...if you have seen me whip out my phone and start texting while you're trying to have a conversation with me - you have been boring me.  That's why I've done it.  So I'm left to conclude that I bore a tonne of people. Which shocks me. (PB is not shocked that I can't believe I bore people)

Now...caveat. I'm not talking about the time you remembered right in the middle of dinner that you totally forgot to let your kid out of the cage in the basement so you text your husband to remind him to do so....I mean that happens and is TOTALLY worthy of a text.  But otherwise..unless I suddenly meet a friend who's one of the following:

a) transplant surgeon
b) Tornado chaser
c) fireman
d) FBI agent
e) person waiting for a lifesaving transplant (transplants are super important)

I think you can probably get through a 2 hour dinner/meet and greet without checking to see what your other friends are up to.  Don't you?


  1. Love it, just as well you were not on the spa weekend in Glasgow, with Kirsty and I, we did all of the above things and more, several times, my bad

  2. I presumed you two were only updating facebook statuses during bathroom breaks...and just presumed you were taking a lot of bathroom breaks :)