Friday, March 9, 2012

What We Ate: Chocolate Bar Pie

Going vegan has in no way prohibited us from enjoying some A-MAZ-ING desserts.  Convinced you need butter, sugar, eggs or cream to make something wonderful? WRONG.  Not convinced? My dad even ate this and like it, and he refuses to eat anything that's white because it gets stuck in his craw.  What's a craw you ask? A craw is a body part located somewhere between the stomach and the mouth, and Dad may be the only person that has one.  Also, there are notable exceptions to Dad's no white foods rule - in fact, when Dad says he doesn't eat white foods because they get stuck in his craw, he really only means he doesn't eat (or want to see) ceasar salad dressing, tofu, cottage cheese or cream cheese (unless the cream cheese is a different color - and then its ok and won't get stuck in your craw.)

But I digress.  The point to the craw explanation was to say that Dad ate tofu (pronounced toofuuu by Dad) and liked it. And you will too.  This pie is amazing.  PB was so blown away that he gushed about it for days (and also very sneakily got up before me the morning after...which should have made me suspicious...just so he could eat the rest of it before I got my hands on it).

Click here for recipe and while you're on Katie's site - check out some of her other vegan desserts - I don't even know where she comes up with these ideas - but thank god she does.

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