Thursday, March 15, 2012

What We Are Planning: 30 in Honour of 30

Lots of people do the 30 before 30 list.  Like a bucket list - but to be accomplished before your 30th birthday.  I missed that boat.  I got the idea for the list three weeks before my 30th birthday.  I'd have to list things like, eat snow, or stupid stuff like that (sorry, that was the best weak example I could come up with).

Instead, I'm doing a 30 in honor of 30 list, a list of 30 things I want to accomplish during the year in which I turn 30.   30 things is kinda an intense number of things so forgive me if some are ridiculously easy and seemingly meaningless.

1.  Run (jog) a half marathon in less than 2:30
2.  Drink wine in an Italian vineyard
3.  Renovate our kitchen
4.  Team Sixy Mixy (extended) reunion
5.   Do two unassisted chin ups using a pull up bar.  The first one is easy -but dammit- can not pull myself up for a second.
6.  Road Trip - somewhere. anywhere.
7.  Reunion with the Laydens
8.  Buy a DSLR camera and learn how to use it. Well.
9.  Host a dinner party at Chez Brigman
10.  Visit five places I've not been before.
11.  Teach Marley a new trick.  Maybe roll over.  (And yes, when Molly can sit consistently we'll teach her something new too...)
12.  Master the crow pose (yoga amazingness).
13.  Learn five cocktails, stock the bar and be ready to make them when the occasion calls.
14.  Learn how to use chopsticks.
15.  Phase out all environmentally unfriendly products from our house.
16.   Urban weekend getaway with PB.
17.  Find a really good bread recipe, memorize it, and make often.
18.  Make vegan ice cream.
19.  Secret wildcard
20.  Read one-two non fiction books per month to learn something new
21.  Wallpaper something.
22.  Sleep outside. Preferably somewhere we have to hike to.
23.  Plant a garden.  Harvest said garden.
24.  Make some photobooks.
25.  Write three advocacy letters to government in support of animal rights
26.  Have six dates with friends. (Seems pathetically low - but considering the nearest friend lives 90 minutes away....)
27.  Learn how to play tennis
28.  Build something.  With wood.  By hand.
29.  Play one round of golf with PB (not necessary to play every hole....)
30.  Do an act of kindness for someone else.

I'm giving myself till December 31st, 2012 to accomplish these. Why do I think I'm going to spend NYE building shit while mixing cocktails and recovering from a botched crow pose?

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